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Home Maintinance Program

We are proud to offer a rather unique service with our custom tailored home maintenance program. Your home is a major investment in your life as well as being an extension or representation of your personality. Your home needs “well” check-ups just like you do, to catch any small issues that, without attention, can turn into major problems with costly price tags.  Everyone gets busy with life’s many obligations, enjoyments and distractions, so why not let us take care of the check-ups as well as the little things that so often get left undone, forgotten, or put off.

We will come to your home, create a list of maintenance items and inspections that you would like to have us take care of and make a custom schedule to regularly come out to complete your maintenance and inspections. We will cover everything from inspecting the attic and crawl space for damage, dry rot, proper ventilation, etc. to changing HVAC filters, cleaning out dryer vents, and changing exterior and/or interior light bulbs that are too high to reach without a ladder.  We have an extensive list of recommended items that you can choose to include in your maintenance and inspections and we will also include anything that is specific to your home. After each inspection, we will notify you of any problems we have found and present you with our recommendations for addressing those problems. Contact us today to get a free custom quote for your home.