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Consistent attention to details enables Apollo to add value to buildings. The properties Apollo manages consistently outperform market indices based on revenue and vacancy rates. Apollo’s vacancy rate in the first half of early 2010 is less than 3.0%–the market vacancy is more than three times this amount.

The company’s progressive ideas, focus on property management, frequent site-visits and accounting mechanisms help to closely monitor income and expenses. We believe our relatively small size and property management focus are strong benefits. We are not spread so thin with hundreds of buildings that we cannot spend time on your investment.

It takes a commitment to turn apartments over, do the work to update the unit, and re-rent it to a good tenant in a timely fashion.

It takes a commitment to maintain open channels of communication with tenants to address their ongoing needs, most of which are service-based around the maintenance of their apartment.

It takes a commitment to chase down folks who don’t pay their rent.

It takes a commitment to work with building owners, making updates or remodeling buildings so they continue to attract good tenants.

Who will consistently make these commitments? We believe Apollo Services is the best firm for this work. A bit more on what we do:

We rely on mutually developed plans between the owner and Apollo to effectively manage buildings.

We’re true believers in the old adage, “failing to plan is planning to fail”. Thus, understanding the owner’s objectives is critical to our success. Maybe the property is held in a family trust and cash flow is vital to the trustees? Maybe the investors are younger and want to upgrade the building now to ensure better cash flow in five or ten years? Whatever the goals are for the investment, it’s important for us to fully understand them.

We carefully monitor expenses.

Every dollar spent is a dollar that does not make it to the bottom line. Apollo Services is absolutely focused on expenses. We will manage property expenses in the same conservative and watchful manner that we do our own money.

We hustle to get and keep good tenants.

We are keenly aware that tenants have plenty of other choices. Providing great service for existing and prospective tenants is crucial to good property management. For prospective tenants, we make property showings convenient. The application and screening process is thorough, yet quick to keep prospects ‘on the line’.